Let's add
to the good.

Exploring Personal Growth + Spiritual Life, Parenthood + Connection.


Why Written for the Good?

Life both online and off can feel like a vortex of negative, nerve-wracking or less-than-lovely.

But there is still so much good.  Let’s look for it. Let’s add to it.  

Good (n)
That which benefits someone or something.  That which is virtuous.

I hope this place feels like good.  Like coffee with a friend.

Let's look for more good.

Exploring personal growth + spiritual life, parenthood + connection. 

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Open Letter to The Good Teacher

If you are a parent of a school-aged-kid you’ve made decision over decision over decision about your child’s education in the last couple years. You DIY’d school, skipped it, virtual’d it and assisted it. You sent your kids and kept them home and juggled the juggles, did the rapid tests and the isolation periods and

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Can We Talk About Why Friendship Feels Hard Sometimes?

This is going to be a little raw and half-baked because I want your input. Have you noticed friendship feels hard sometimes? After listening to Jennie Allen talk about friendship and John Mark Comer talk about community, then looking at my own relationships, I’m thinking about why friendship and community feel so strange sometimes. Not

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Life isn't always good.
But there is always good in life.

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