Technology has been stealing my time… it was disappearing before my very fingertips.  Does that happen to you, too? I read Digital Minimalism. It lit a fire under this mama’s rocker and inspired me to do something about it. A 30-day (actually 33 because that was my age) pause on all optional technology. A technology […]

It’s normal. Meaning everyone does it. The title sounds dramatic, but I think my life (and maybe yours) is getting hijacked by something we all think is normal. In fact, I think it might actually be an epidemic. Epidemic (n) – A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease – in this case; behaviour – in a

It was a sunny day in early spring. Cold enough to still be wearing my winter coat, but bright enough to appreciate the light streaming across the tiny, well-decorated office. We smiled and chatted. I hugged my tea. I’m a glass-half-full, rose-tinted glasses type person most days, and this was one of them. Life was

Yep.  We go to counseling. I spent 10 years in the dating world searching for and imagining my “perfect” husband.  My husband spent 3 years married to someone else before he married me.  And he’s never casually dated.  Ever.  (how we ended up together is a whole other story for another day.) Needless to say, we each

Sometimes when I’m looking for a dramatic change, I do something dramatic. So… I did it again… I wrote this publicly so I was accountable – no changing my mind! For a full 365 days, I embarked on my second  1-year spending fast. One year. Nothing new. I lay ground rules, I challenge my spending habits,

Expecting?  Know someone who is? I hope this delivers enough encouragement and strength to share. We found out we were pregnant with our 1st child on our 1st anniversary. I had my suspicions, but I was waiting to take a test until our anniversary because – how fun is that? That morning, I could hardly

Almost a decade ago I did something that has had good ripples into today. In the spring of 2011, I embarked on a 365 day spending fast. Why? I’m Greedy. Once, a baby peed all over my lap because his mom didn’t have any diapers. Once, I held the hand of a homeless man who

I’m obsessed with childbirth stories. Every new life amazes me. The power and strength God put in a woman amazes me. The beauty, the anticipation, the perseverance, the pain, the joy, the magic of life. In our culture we sort of have this “fear” of childbirth… but I get giddy-excited about the potential joy of it. Yes,

Don’t hate me. Birth was easier than I expected. I had heard a lot of things.  A lot of scary, dramatic stories.  I was hoping for the best but preparing for the toughest. This is a positive birth story. Although there were a couple serious surprises, my labour and delivery of our first son were

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