Who Am I?

Perhaps I should first say who I am not. I’m not a professional this or an expert that. I haven’t perfected anything, and I’m not an extra-ordinary person.

I’m someone walking through the struggle and joy of life. I’m a wife and mother to 3 kids under 5. I’m tired and I’m thankful. I’m loved and led by Jesus, even on the hardest days.

I care about the good that makes life rich, meaningful and worth living.

At the end of today, I want to look back and see the good. Don’t you?

Why Written for the Good?

Born out of a tug on the heart – Written For The Good comes from a love for the good in life.

Life both online and off can feel like a vortex of negative, nerve-wracking and less-than-lovely.

But there is still so much good out there. Books. Thoughts. Causes. People.

And so the goal is simple. Add to the good.

Good (n)

That which benefits someone or something. That which is virtuous.

I write and cheer for the good in both your life and mine. For the good in your heart, the good in your home, the good in the world.

Because it’s there.

And because – at the end of this fragile breath of a life – I want to look back and know it was well-lived, it was meaningful, and it was good.

I want that for all of us.

I hope this blog feels like an honest coffee with a friend. 

I’ll write about my pursuit of the good as I share my own struggle to live thoughtfully and love well. You’ll find thoughts on connection, parenting, faith, personal growth and more. 

I haven’t got it all figure out, but let’s be real, on this side of eternity I never will.  But that’s not the goal.

The goal is to focus on the good that’s already here, and add to it.

So, want to add to the good with me today?

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