16 Lovely Things To Do During a Long Winter

Anyone else think this winter might feel like the longest winter of your life?

We don’t need to regale why. We’re all living through our own wild rides.

So, I put together a list of lovely things to do to brighten our (and someone else’s) winter for singles, couples and families alike.

If you have anything to add… Leave a comment below!

With no further adieu…

14 Lovely Things To Do During A Long Winter

  1. Go on a winter walk or snowshoe with a destination and hot cider. Solo or with someone you love. ❄️ ?

  2. Bake or make something thoughtful for someone discouraged. Anyone. So many need encouragement. ?

  3. Build an epic toboggan track. Kids or adults alike. ?

  4. Build an epic indoor fort. Kids and adults alike. Read and watch your favourite shows in it. ⛺️

  5. Build a snow character, give it a name, and call it company. ⛄️

  6. Hang a bunch of fresh (baby blue) eucalyptus from a wall in your house, just call your local florist and ask. Breath in. Enjoy. Leave hanging all year if you want! ?

  7. Write an encouraging letter to a frontline worker. Give thanks. ?

  8. Make sparkle play dough. Or cheat and put glitter in the real stuff. Squeeze. Kids and adults alike. Stress relief. ?

  9. Plan an outdoor friend distance-date. Get creative with a thermos of something hot to share, lawn chairs and extra blankets in the snow. ☕️ ❄️

  10. Order takeout from a local favorite. Set up a cozy blanket and candles in a weird spot in your house, and call it a picnic. Add a game for a bonus. ?

  11. Trade favourite things with a friend. Set a budget. Gift each other one of your favourite winter things and make sure to tell them why. ?

  12. Cook snowman pancakes. Kids and adults alike. Enjoy. ?

  13. Pair wine and cheese and enjoy it with someone you love. Call your local cheese shop or google how to pair wine and cheese. ? ?

  14. Have a long conversation on video with one or two of your favourite people in the world. I know we’re all sick of virtual-everything but it’s good for our souls to remember that good people are still out there! ??‍???‍???‍???‍?

  15. Choose an hour a day for NO screens, and start reading as book recommended as a “great read” from a friend. ?

  16. Join in the Apartment Therapy January Cure. It’s the loveliest way to refresh your living space.

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list. But I hope it’s a little bit of lovely to season this season.

If you’ve got a list of your own – I’d love your ideas! Comment below.

1 thought on “16 Lovely Things To Do During a Long Winter”

  1. We love making “snow.” It’s about 1 cup of corn starch to 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. We usually do 2 or 3 times that amount and then we get little trucks to clear the snow and little animals to burrow in the snow and find again. After we are done playing in the snow then we give the trucks and animals baths in soapy water. It’s an activity the lasts at least an hour. We also love kinetic sand.

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