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Something surprised me about going back to church after years of covid and chaos, something I really missed, yet never knew I had. If you’re a faith person, are you participating in a faith community again? Let’s just say when a kid got a runny nose during the thick of covid, my world fell in […]

Sending your kid to camp for the first time feels just like how their first day of school felt… only instead of it lasting seven hours, it lasts seven days. We sent our mere six-year-old to summer camp – the cabin kind with bunk beds and breakfast – for the first time this summer. I

Your friendships matter to you… because you’re here. 🙂 Or maybe you feel like you don’t have many friends. Or maybe you feel alone and unheard in the friendships you have. Judging by the response from so many of you on my last post – “Can we talk about why friendship feels hard sometimes” –

This is going to be a little raw and half-baked because I want your input. Have you noticed friendship feels hard sometimes? After listening to Jennie Allen talk about friendship and John Mark Comer talk about community, then looking at my own relationships, I’m thinking about why friendship and community feel so strange sometimes. Not

What do you say when someone asks how you are? Good. Fine. Hanging in. Exhausted? Exhausted is the most common response I give, but sometimes I can upgrade to a solid “tired,” instead. Can you relate to that? Whether it’s from caring about small children, caring about someone that’s unwell, caring about your career, caring

Do you have any big decisions or transitions staring you down lately? This year is a transition to a huge reversed-life decision for me. As a mom of young kids, I decided to continue working. But, today, I’m a Stay At Home Mom. You might have mixed responses to a decision like that. Maybe you

Is Christmas not what you imagined this year? I just want you to know you’re not alone. The silence on this blog has many causes… the main cause, sheer exhaustion. I’m not even sure if I’ll hit “publish” on this for fear of it not making sense. Are your kids sick? Do they need to

Do you know how to waste $10,000 a year? $27.39 a day in misc spending. How different would your life be next year with $10,000 in the bank? This is for all my spenders out there! I am one! The 30 Day Spending Challenge has the potential not just to reboot your habits, but to

Opinion overload impacts more than just our options. For some of us, it opens the door for a sneaky lie that can suck the joy right out of parenthood.

Not into ethical shopping? I once posted a photo of myself, relaxed and smiling in front of a calm lake on vacation. Within a couple hours it had over 100 likes. I later posted a photo of a woman surrounded by heaps of fabric who looked tired and option-less, linked to an article on knowing

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