Your friendships matter to you… because you’re here. 🙂 Or maybe you feel like you don’t have many friends. Or maybe you feel alone and unheard in the friendships you have. Judging by the response from so many of you on my last post – “Can we talk about why friendship feels hard sometimes” – […]

This is going to be a little raw and half-baked because I want your input. Have you noticed friendship feels hard sometimes? After listening to Jennie Allen talk about friendship and John Mark Comer talk about community, then looking at my own relationships, I’m thinking about why friendship and community feel so strange sometimes. Not

The alarm clock is a 4-year-old, waking me since June 2016. His noise beckons before sunrise, unless it’s summer when daylight comes almost undignified. But even in the summer… The moment my feet hit the ground means serving. Doing. Working. Making. Baking. Wiping. Washing. Typing. Trying. Trying to what? My feet don’t stop. Maternity-leave pandemic-days

The days after my daughter was born felt like a vacation. She was baby #3. I had full permission to abdicate all my routine responsibilities with wild boys and a day job and dinner and laundry and all the things. I got full permission to snuggle a newborn 24/7. It was glorious. Until reality sank

Anyone else think this winter might feel like the longest winter of your life? We don’t need to regale why. We’re all living through our own wild rides. So, I put together a list of lovely things to do to brighten our (and someone else’s) winter for singles, couples and families alike. If you have

Technology has been stealing my time… it was disappearing before my very fingertips.  Does that happen to you, too? I read Digital Minimalism. It lit a fire under this mama’s rocker and inspired me to do something about it. A 30-day (actually 33 because that was my age) pause on all optional technology. A technology

It’s normal. Meaning everyone does it. The title sounds dramatic, but I think my life (and maybe yours) is getting hijacked by something we all think is normal. In fact, I think it might actually be an epidemic. Epidemic (n) – A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease – in this case; behaviour – in a

Yep.  We go to counseling. I spent 10 years in the dating world searching for and imagining my “perfect” husband.  My husband spent 3 years married to someone else before he married me.  And he’s never casually dated.  Ever.  (how we ended up together is a whole other story for another day.) Needless to say, we each

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