1-Minute Ways to Pursue the Good in Your Day

The days after my daughter was born felt like a vacation. She was baby #3. I had full permission to abdicate all my routine responsibilities with wild boys and a day job and dinner and laundry and all the things. I got full permission to snuggle a newborn 24/7. It was glorious.

Until reality sank in. In a few days I would be on my own. Justin would go back to work and I would be alone. With 2 children and a newborn. And a pandemic.

I sat in my rocker, all tucked in with my sweet babe, and began to sob. I couldn’t see my way through the chaos, and when the kids would fight and cry, I would just do the same. I just couldn’t…

Life moves at warp speed and snail speed simultaneously.

Sometimes life moves so quickly it makes your mind spin. Then it starts to feel heavier, harder and less-than-lovely.

After collecting my sobs, I paused to think. I texted friends asking for tips. I wrote down everything they said and put it on the fridge. I tried to figure out how to pause and look for the good in the chaos and cloud of sleep deprivation.

What’s your story? What’s your chaos or cloud?

Are you good at pausing?

I know I’m not.

But… what if pausing makes life better? Less heavy? More lovely?

A pause to pursue and share the good does that. It helped me then. And it helps me now.

Looking for the good is how we live thoughtfully and love well.

If we press in deeper, the pause and pursuit of the good is where we find meaning, purpose and peace.  And I want that. You do too, right?

And so, here is what I’m learning.

1-Minute Ways to Pursue the Good in Your Day

  1. Encourage.
    Give encouragement to someone you appreciate. Anyone. Call, text, email. Whatever.

  2. Love.
    Look at someone (or a photo of someone) you love for 10 seconds longer than you normally would and silently give thanks for them. Then tell them.

  3. Admire.
    Pause to admire something delightful in your environment. Anything lovely, anything beautiful.

  4. Breathe.
    Stick your head outside. Breathe in to the count of 4. Hold to the count of 4. Breathe out to the count of 5. Repeat.

  5. Read.
    Read a Proverb. Any Proverb. Ancient wisdom in single sentences.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honourable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Phil 4:8

With those things in mind – I did something fun. At least I hope you think it’s fun! And helpful!

I created a 5×7 Printable Pause Prompt for you!

(And for me!)

If you enjoy these tips, subscribe to the blog today and get this free printable graphic (or lockscreen or desktop!) of 1-Minute Ways to Pursue the Good Today. Put it somewhere you will notice. On your fridge, beside a mirror, in a frame on your desk. Wherever you’d like.

Life can get so fast and so heavy. Let this prompt you to pause. Pause to pursue the good in your day – even the hard ones. 

Because the good makes life rich, meaningful and worth living.

Each of these habits hold a wealth of opportunity to expand and grow if we lean in.

Each of these habits are also rooted in evidence-based research and lived experience. 

Your mind is powerful. Your thoughts matter. Your words matter.

You matter. 

Want to go deeper? 

  • Try the Pause App to prompt you to pause and connect spiritually with God through the day.
  • Explore ancient scripture. Before there was talk of self-care and gratitude benefits in modern-day wellness circles, the Bible was whispering the secrets of wholeheartedness. Not sure how to start? Try this “Curious Faith” reading plan on the free Bible app. 

  • Plan an experience to share with someone you love — just for the pure fun of it. Intimacy starts with shared experience. Need ideas? Pinterest it!

Tell me more! What do you do to pursue the good in your day?

I’d love to learn more!

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  1. Beautifully written and a beautiful takeaway. I already have it loaded on my Lock Screen. These are such helpful and practical acts to find the good. ❤️

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