Something surprised me about going back to church after years of covid and chaos, something I really missed, yet never knew I had. If you’re a faith person, are you participating in a faith community again? Let’s just say when a kid got a runny nose during the thick of covid, my world fell in […]

Sending your kid to camp for the first time feels just like how their first day of school felt… only instead of it lasting seven hours, it lasts seven days. We sent our mere six-year-old to summer camp – the cabin kind with bunk beds and breakfast – for the first time this summer. I

What do you say when someone asks how you are? Good. Fine. Hanging in. Exhausted? Exhausted is the most common response I give, but sometimes I can upgrade to a solid “tired,” instead. Can you relate to that? Whether it’s from caring about small children, caring about someone that’s unwell, caring about your career, caring

Do you have any big decisions or transitions staring you down lately? This year is a transition to a huge reversed-life decision for me. As a mom of young kids, I decided to continue working. But, today, I’m a Stay At Home Mom. You might have mixed responses to a decision like that. Maybe you

Is Christmas not what you imagined this year? I just want you to know you’re not alone. The silence on this blog has many causes… the main cause, sheer exhaustion. I’m not even sure if I’ll hit “publish” on this for fear of it not making sense. Are your kids sick? Do they need to

Do you like the season of life you’re in? Or are you wrestling with it? Do you love your season, or feel stuck in it, or maybe you just daydream about the next one? On any given day, I’m all of the above. My stage of life is not easy, and I’m grappling with it.

Opinion overload impacts more than just our options. For some of us, it opens the door for a sneaky lie that can suck the joy right out of parenthood.

Have you ever sat on the edge of eternity? By edge of eternity I mean: that space of days and hours before someone steps out of this life. Have you ever sat there with someone? That vulnerable place is a painful privilege, one I’ve had only a few times in my life. There is something

The alarm clock is a 4-year-old, waking me since June 2016. His noise beckons before sunrise, unless it’s summer when daylight comes almost undignified. But even in the summer… The moment my feet hit the ground means serving. Doing. Working. Making. Baking. Wiping. Washing. Typing. Trying. Trying to what? My feet don’t stop. Maternity-leave pandemic-days

The days after my daughter was born felt like a vacation. She was baby #3. I had full permission to abdicate all my routine responsibilities with wild boys and a day job and dinner and laundry and all the things. I got full permission to snuggle a newborn 24/7. It was glorious. Until reality sank

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